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Senior Motion Designers

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1Senior Motion Designers Empty Senior Motion Designers on 11.05.11 11:17


Sent to Kerry & Jon Gallo 5/10-

Here are some local possibilities from my search. I'm sending them to you BEFORE reaching out to them in case you know them already (know how tight the post network is in Chicago- don't want to talk to anyone w/ a bad rep or accidentally poach from someone you'd rather not poach from).


& of course Rick Thompson (http://www.rickthompsondesign.com/), who we've spoken about.

Most of the GREAT talent I'm finding is on a coast (or out of the country) as expected & I will reach out to those folks directly to gauge interest. Just wanted to send the locals to you so we don't overstep any bounds in town here.


We've had a handful of people apply via the website & these are the best of those. In my opinion, they are not to the standard we are looking for for this particular role, but in case you're curious:

http://www.joedollanimation.com/ (know he's FL'd w/ us in the past)

There's an ad on Mandy & I'll be posting ads on some of the other sites as soon as I have the JD.

I will keep you posted. Thanks.

2Senior Motion Designers Empty Re: Senior Motion Designers on 18.05.11 11:55


Their response:

Bring in Rick Thompson.

Connect Jon & John for future 3D FL needs.

Connect w/ Jason at Foundation re: an interview.

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